QED Retail


Communications Clutter and changing consumer preferences at Retail Space has imposed challenging problems before Brand Managers and Store Owners to ensure right visibility and right presentation of their product.
We offer the following comprehensive end-to-end solutions to our customers:

Retail Identity

  • Store Design and lay outing: Keeping the layout and design for the entire chain of stores keeping in mind the target audience preferences and tastes.

  • Branding: Uniformity in color schemes, establishing the color scheme, maintaining uniformity in branding exercises.

  • Retail Merchandise: Design, production outsourcing and delivery.

  • Banners/Posters/Prints: Designing of branding material in continuity to the main advertising communication.

  • Uniform Identity of Service Personnel: Marinating uniformity in identity of people delivering service by means of corporate dress designing and sales/service personnel training.

Visual Merchandising

  • Display Stands: Designs backed by research and feedback, practical and feasible designs on the basis of material knowledge and transportability.

  • Product Dispensers: Designing based on purchase behavior, Production and final delivery.

  • Banners, Posters and Prints: Designing, Printing and delivery.

  • Shop-in-Shops

  • Signage: In-store and exterior signage.


Comprehension: We understand the customer, consumers, markets and the core values of a brand.

Design Studio: Our Design Studio gives very contemporary output as the are given a first hand brief with no communication loss.

In house production: Our in-house production facilities ensure right product, at right time and at the right price. Thereby we transfer value to our customers. Our Capabilities include wood, metal, acrylic, sunboard, foam board, sunpack, vinyl, paint and print production.

Our Reach: With offers at Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore we ensure comprehensive geographical reach when it comes to deliverables.